British Sheepskin Insoles (one pair)


Now made from 100% British Sheepskin, every pair handmade here in Somerset

This is our second type of insole, which combine the softness of 100% British sheepskin, with a thin manmade backing, every single pair has been handmade here in Somerset. The added backing allows them to stay in place and not bunch up in certain shoes. These are made with slightly shorter length sheepskin with a dense pile, which enables them to fit in most shoes and wellies – ideal for replacement insoles for our Sheepland Sheepskin Slipper Boot. These shouldn’t be confused with the much cheaper “lambswool” variants, which are made by gluing the sheared wool from the sheep onto a latex backing. These insoles are instead, cut directly from a whole fleece sheepskin rug, which is completely different in feel, longevity and warmth to the cheaper alternatives…. Don’t forget if you don’t have your size, don’t panic, a larger size can be cut to fit very easily with a sharp pair of scissors.

These are perfect for those who want to enjoy the softness of sheepskin, but with a structured back, to help keep them in place. The backing gives them grip and structure.

If you find they aren’t the right fit, these insoles can be cut and trimmed using normal scissors.

Available in sizes 5-12


UK 4 – 24.2 length 8.5 width at widest point

UK 5 – 25cm length 8.5cm width at widest point

UK 6 – 25.8cm length 8.5cm width at widest point

UK 7 – 26.5cm length 8.8cm width at widest point

UK 8 – 27cm length 8.8cm width at widest point

UK 9 – 28cm length 9cm width at widest point

UK 10 – 28.8cm length 9cm width at widest point

UK 11 – 29.5cm length 9.5cm width at widest point

UK 12 – 30cm length 9.8cm width at widest point


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