Baby Safe Sheepskin

Our Baby Safe Sheepskin Rugs are wonderfully soft and luxurious whilst remaining safe for use with newborn Babies. The sheepskin rugs are specially treated and no harsh chemicals are used on them during the tanning process and are completely chromium free. By using these specially selected Sheepskin Rugs we can ensure the highest quality and the safest sheepskin products for your little ones. We use these Sheepskin Baby rugs in cots or our Stroller Fleeces in buggies, not to mention we use them to make our handmade Teddy Bears!

Using sheepskins with your little ones also helps to maintain a constant temperature balance, as the air continues to circulate through the sheepskin rug whilst in use. This is why they help to keep babies warm in Winter and cool during the Summer, something that synthetic materials cannot boast.

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