Sheepland 100% British Sheepskin Chair Covers

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Sheepskin shearlings have been used for years in the relief of pain in pressure points, when patients need to stay for some time in one position. They are particularly useful for some elderly persons as they are so soft and dense they cushion the body from the pain of any surface, wheelchairs, mattresses and even armchairs. These rugs are being used in both Care Homes and nursing homes, as well as being available now to everybody that feels they have a need.

They can be used simply on a chair for warmth and comfort, or on a bed, or in a wheelchair, they truly are fantastic. The natural qualities of the skin will stop sweating, increase warmth and even help to keep cool in the Summer. Pure Sheepskin, come back to the real thing Thermal Control Sheepskin rugs are used throughout the year. Wool is a natural insulator and will trap warm air keeping temperatures stable and the body warm. The natural properties of wool have been recognised for centuries. As a natural fibre it absorbs moisture, which, when released, keeps the body cooler and more comfortable. Using sheepskin can avoid unnecessary clothing, frequently a contributing cause to irritability and discomfort.

Introducing our all new 100% British Shearling. Our customers asked and we answered! Using British Sheep which are tanned in a British Tannery. These extremely luxurious skins, are available in bright white perfect for armchairs, wheelchairs or under feet to relieve pressure points. We finish these British sheepskins by hand in our Somerset Workshop.

SIzes: They are approx 90-100cm. The ivory has a dense white fur of 2.5cm/25mm

The rugs are fully washable, on low temperature with non biological, gentle, washing powders, designed for wool. Spot soiling can be sponged and dried with a hairdryer on cold. Dry away from direct heat, over a rack or outside on fine day. A teaspoon of glycerine can be added to the final rinsing water to help keep the leather supple.

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