Extremely Rare Luxury Handmade 100% British Herdwick Sheepskin Pouffe


We have been waiting almost 3 years for these incredible fleeces to come through our British Tannery, they are so rare that these may be the last we’ll see for another 3 years! These are made from 100% British Herdwicks, 99% of Herdwick sheep are kept in flocks in the central and western dales of the Lake District. These fells run to over 3000 feet, face the westerly rain and winds and see the country’s highest rainfall. No wonder the Herdwick is considered the hardiest of sheep! These Herdwick sheepskins are one of a kind, the fur being unique to the breed. In fact the Herdwick breed are born with black fleeces, and at roughly a year old the wool grows out, revealing the fluffy white hair underneath. Over time, their fleeces turn to a dark brown and then to their characteristic grey, we have a selection of classic Herdwick colours. These Herdwick have soft and sumptuous fleeces, all with incredible one of a kind colouring. The incredible natural texture is often described as more “wild”, it makes them absolutely stunning to look at. Funnily enough these Herdwick sheepskins are also more water resistant than some other sheepskins, this is because it gets wet more slowly and dries out quicker than other fleeces. These have been handcrafted into 100% British Herdwick Sheepskin Pouffes – What could be better than putting your feet up on one of these beauties on a cold winter’s evening? Hand cut, hand stitched and each stuffed by hand, all in the South West, each made to order, offering the ultimate accessory to any room. The silky soft British fur adds luxury and cosiness, not to mention the practical and eco-friendly fully washable sheepskin stuffing. Unlike their faux fur counterparts, these are also completely plastic free and naturally fire resistant, what more can you ask? Buying British has never looked so good!

Perfect in front of the fire or in a bedroom, though once your pets or children find them, you’ll be fighting over them!

Dimensions: 45cm Length x 45cm Width x 25cm-30cm Height approximately (including fur length)

These are listed individually from the dropdown, one they’re gone, they’re gone!

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