Sale! Sheepland Luxury Sheepskin Indoor Slipper Boots in Tan, Grey or Dark Brown
Special slippers, Sheepskin doing its job to keep the country warm. Sheepskin slippers from Sheepland
The deep natural fur forms a soft warm layer. These Sheepskin slippers from Sheepland, cushion your feet, from toe to ankle in warmth and luxury
Sheepskin slippers from toes to ankles. Designed for cosy feet by Sheepland the home of sheepskin slippers.
All weather warm slippers. Perfect for winter and summer. Sheepland slippers, natural sheepskin
Designed by Sheepland - Luxury for toes, and feet and ankles.....pure sheepskin, can’t beat it!
The Sheepland Slipper Boots,Natural sheepskin, the natural alternative to man-made textiles.
Sheepland slipper boots. Our unique design wraps your feet in sheepskin luxury. Only available at Sheepland
Pure sheepskin, the natural alternative to man-made textiles. Slipper boots, the answer to cold weather. Natural sheepskin wraps your toes in luxury.
Sheepskin Slipper Boot by Sheepland, your natural alternative.
Natural warmth, perfect for winter and summer
Sheepland slipper boots, the home of luxury
Indoor slipper boots, beautifully made indoor sheepskin boots
Luxury Sheepskin slippers from Sheepland
Natural Sheepskin, fantastic for feet! Sheepskin slippers are a natural addition to your wardrobe.
Sheepland the home of the Natural sheepskin slipper boots, perfect whatever the weather.
Indoor slipper boots, beautifully made indoor sheepskin boots
Toasty toes sheepskin slippers! Your natural alternative to man made fibres. Cool in summer and warm in winter.
Suitable for all, warm and toasty slipper boots. Sheepland, the home of Natural sheepskin.

Factory Seconds - Luxury Sheepskin Indoor Slipper Boots in Grey or Chestnut/Tan)

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These Slipper Boots have small faults that make them less than perfect, faults may include, but are not limited to small glue marks, stitching errors with the inside seams, minor blemishes, scuffs, colour tone difference, variation in sheepskin, mismatched fur or tiny variation in size etc.

COLOURS: Available in two colours only – Stone Grey or Chestnut/Tan, please note Chestnut and Tan are the same colour, the exact tone may vary from pair to pair according to the batch of suede used to make each pair, hence why we have named it “Chestnut/Tan”

SIZING: We recommend ordering one size larger than your shoe size, as they are snug sizes. There is only 1cm between each size, so if you are a half size go up a size.

Our New Style Luxury Sheepskin Slipper Boots not only look fantastic, but also, they give you ultimate comfort and unparalleled warmth. Using our design knowledge we have created these in a classic Unisex style, making them perfect for the whole family. The Slipper Boot style creates a comfortable boot fit, without a heavy sole, making it ideal for snuggling up on the sofa or wearing around the house. The sole is completely flexible, giving you a lightweight and natural fit, which moulds to your feet over time. What makes this style different to our classic Slipper Boot is that we have added an extra sheepskin insole for added comfort and durability, giving two layers of full sheepskin underfoot, this can also be replaced as needed. The sheepskin provides the most wonderful warmth and such a soft sumptuous feel around your feet and ankles. They can be turned up to warm your ankles or folded down to reveal the sumptuous sheepskin underneath. The unique properties of sheepskin allow the skin to breathe, the feet feel warm, dry and comfortable all day.

Now available in Chestnut/Tan too!

Please note: Due to a sheepskin shortage some of the Size 6, 7 and 8 may have a light taupe sheepskin inner rather than beige. The sizes which appear on the drop down list are the only ones we have in stock currently.

Available in selected sizes between 5- 12 picture for illustration only.

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