British Made Suede Moccasin Slippers in Beige, Navy and Grey


This Moccasin style slipper is made from top quality English suede in Beige, Navy and Grey. Lined with luxurious English lambswool to ensure maximum warmth and comfort. Made with a soft suede sole or slip resistant sole along with a very handy adjustable lace detail. Made in the West Country using British Suede and Wool. The soft sole gives flexibility and comfort, whilst the firm sole option gives better longevity, we now have some extra large sizes now available. These Moccasins give you some of the benefits of sheepskin without the price tag. Generally, these Moccasins run on the smaller side, we find most customers prefer to order up a size as they do not like a snug fit, have a broader foot or wish to wear socks. Our Moccasins are made to a standard width fitting.

For a closer look at the Beige click here and Navy here

You may ask, what is the difference between lambswool and sheepskin? Lambswool is simply the wool of a sheep shorn from the animal in the summer, which is then glued or bonded to create woolpile or lambswool. Real Sheepskin on the other hand, is the skin as a whole, a by product of the meat industry, which is subsequently tanned and preserved.

Available in sizes 4-12

The firm sole option has a 6 millimetre sole, approximately.

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