Baby-Safe Sheepskin Rugs


Sheepskin Rugs – Baby Gifts

Please be aware that a normal fleece is not suitable for a young baby.

These wonderful Baby Rugs are our most popular gifts for Christenings and New Arrivals to the family! They can be used in the cot, on the floor or in a playpen. We hand match, cut and stitch our Baby Safe Sheepskin Rugs in the Double size from start to finish, all right here in our Somerset Workshop. We are massively proud to still be making these gorgeous rugs in the larger sizes by hand here in Somerset, they make the most incredible play rugs – the envy of all who see them!

These wonderful rugs are used in both Montessori and Reggio inspired Day Nurseries, the natural textures of the rugs and the superb quality make these a sought after essential in any environment where quality of care is of paramount importance.

Sheepskin baby rugs have been enjoyed by babies from around the world, the warmth and comfort of the fleece feels wonderful against the skin. The versatility and special properties of Sheepskin were revealed by a woman in New Zealand, when her child was recovering from illness. Mothers have wrapped their babies in wool to keep them warm and dry, for centuries. The use of lambskin as bedding, pram or floor mat is the modern equivalent.

Thermal Control Sheepskin Baby rugs are used throughout the year. Wool is a natural insulator and will trap warm air keeping temperatures stable and baby warm. The natural properties of wool have been recognised for centuries. As a natural fibre it absorbs moisture, which, when released, keeps baby cooler and more comfortable. Using sheepskin can avoid unnecessary clothing, frequently a contributing cause to irritability and discomfort.

Size: Approx size Single – 56cm X 94cm Double 56cm x 180cm. The Wool is shorn to the same length all over at approx 35mm.

Please note: These rugs undergo a specialist tanning procedure to ensure they are suitable for newborns. Unfortunately we cannot source these from the UK without sacrificing quality. Therefore these are rugs are from New Zealand skins.

Professional photos courtesy of Amy Hines Photography in Illchester, Somerset, who uses our Baby Safe Sheepskin Rugs in her newborn and Toddler photoshoots – with clearly fantastic results!

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