100% Whole Fleece Genuine Jacob Sheepskin Rugs


We are so excited to share our latest hand selected batch of amazing genuine Jacob Sheepskins, direct from a small flock of Jacob sheep. We have been waiting over 9 months to get our hands on some of these rare skins and we cannot wait to share these beauties. The Jacob breed is one of the most distinctive breeds with the most incredible brown and ivory spots. Jacobs are a rare breed, small horned sheep known as an ‘heirloom’ breed, which means that they have survived with little human selection and are in fact descended from ancient old world sheep. They are easy to recognise in the fields as they have distinctive spotted markings, this unique colouring is known as ‘Pie bald’ – meaning a spotting pattern of large unpigmented, usually white, areas of hair with pigmented patches that are generally black or dark brown – plus the same in reverse, which is one of our favourite patterns. The fur is luxurious and incredibly tactile, just begging to be touched.

These look incredible in any room, but look especially attractive over chairs on in front of a fireplace – although we can’t promise that your four legged friends won’t steal them for themselves! These can be kept looking wonderful with a sheepskin brush, which we will provide for free with every rug purchase.

Every rug available is listed in the drop down menu, named “J” followed by a number, along with the label on the photos. We have named them as you can see the label in the photo of each rug, the measurements are also on the dropdown list. If you have any trouble at all, please do not hesitate to call us o 01458 850991 and we can help.