100% Whole Fleece Genuine Himalayan Sheepskin Double Rug in Caramel - Handmade in Somerset



Fresh off our sewing machine, we’ve nicknamed this rug “Spotted Caramel” – Hand matched, cut, brushed and stitched right here in our Somerset Workshop, all with our own fair hands, we are rather proud of our handiwork matching these incredible Undyed Rare Breed Himalayan Sheepskins into this stunning double rug. This has been made from 100% genuine Himalayan Sheepskins, each individual sheepskin has been hand selected by us at the Tannery. These are incredibly lightweight, yet the fur softness has to be touched to be believed, it is exceptional. As you can see this rug is completely free from harsh dyes and bleaches, the patterns and colours are exactly how nature intended. The unique qualities of the long fur on these sheepskins, means that the seam which joins the rugs together does look more prominent at first, due to the fur length. However, over time this will bed down – we think it is such a shame to trim such lovely long fur, that we prefer to keep them looking “au naturel”!

The colouring is so unique, that no one will ever have the same rug as you, yours is completely individual and perfect for those who want something a little different and quirky. Once this lovely rug is gone, it’s gone! Chosen by hand, it looks fantastic with it’s unique colouring, softness and exceptional quality. These are perfect around the home, they can be used as chair throws, at the end of a bed, stool covers, in window seats or our favourite place, in front of a fire.

This rug is approximately: 190cm in length, 70cm in the widest middle part of the rug

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