For Home

  Sheepskin and fur has been used in the home for as long as we can remember. There is something irresistible about the tactile, long and silky fur of sheepskin underfoot or over a seat. Our range includes 100% British Rare Breed Sheepskins, British Sheepskin Pouffes, Sheepskin Cushions, Sheepskin Beanbags and British Sheepskin Shearlings. Unlike other companies, we still stitch all the Sheepskin Rugs here in our own Somerset Workshop, by hand to order, from only the finest Sheepskins. Please get in touch if you need any help.
Organic Rare Breed Sheepskin (79)
Single Rare Breed Undyed Sheepskins (7)
Handmade Rare Breed Double Sheepskins (66)
Handmade Rare Breed Quad Sheepskins (4)
Larger 100% Undyed Rare Breed Sheepskins (70)
Sheepskin Rugs (85)
Undyed Rare Breed Sheepskins (8)
Sheepskin Doubles (61)
Sheepskin Quads (6)
Short Fur Sheepskins (4)
Single Sheepskin Rugs (6)
Luxury Dyed Sheepskin Rugs (7)
Sheepskin Pouffes and Cushions (8)
Sheepskin Chair Throws (16)
Pet Rugs (3)