Luxury Handmade 100% British Sheepskin Pouffe


100% British Sheepskin Pouffe

What could be better than putting your feet up on an Organic British Sheepskin Pouffe on a cold winter’s evening? We fell in love with the natural beauty of our British Organic Sheepskin Rugs, as did our customers. Hence why we now offer these fantastic Sheepskin Pouffe’s made from our Undyed Rare Breed Sheepskin Rugs. Hand cut, hand stitched and each stuffed by hand, all in the South West, each made to order, offering the ultimate accessory to any room. The silky soft British fur adds luxury and cosiness, not to mention the practical and eco-friendly fully washable sheepskin stuffing. Buying British has never looked so good!

Perfect in front of the fire or in a bedroom, though once your pets or children find them, you’ll be fighting over them!

Dimensions: 45cm Length x 45cm Width x 25cm-30cm (including fur length) Height approximately


Dyed Grey – Dark Grey as photographed

Dyed Light Grey – A light dyed grey, which picks up the light

Undyed Natural Ivory – Unbleached Natural Ivory has small speckles or tones from the natural fleece individual to the the Rare Breed Sheep used

Undyed Natural Ivory with Grey- Unbleached Natural Ivory with incredible undercoat of Grey tones, long fur and particularly eye-catching, as the tips are more ivory.

Ivory – Unbleached, more uniform in tone than “Natural Ivory” with creamy hints from the natural fleece

Jacob – made from rare Jacob sheepskins which are the dark chocolate and white spotted skins

Teak – Deepest coffee brown with stunning depth of colour with dark flecks

Undyed Mocha – Natural Undyed Ivory base tone with natural coffee and cocoa speckles/flecks

Honey – Natural Undyed Ivory with Honey and Caramel flecks and tones throughout

Chocolate – Dark multi-toned deep chocolate, usually with exceptionally fluffy fur!

If you have any questions about the colouring or are after something in specific, let us know and we’ll do our very best to help!

We do our very best to take these photographs in natural light and we do not alter the colouring post production. However as much as we try to give a clear reflection on the colouring, sheepskin is a natural product and in some lights tones may appear differently, this is the beauty of buying such a unique sheepskin.

Our Pouffes come in Natural Undyed or Dyed Grey options. Please use the drop down box to see what is available.

For a closer look at the Pouffes click here

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