Sheepland – In the middle of King Arthur’s Kingdom

Somerset is famous for many different reasons, the world famous Glastonbury festival, our gorgeous rolling green hills but the one that brings so many visitors to this beautiful part of the world is the Legend of Camelot. The legendary castle along with the incredible King Arthur is one of most popular and mysterious legends to date.

Our workshop is not far from the Isle of Avalon which we have been told is where most of the Arthurian legend is based. Along with his castle and the battles he fought on this soil defending his people from invaders. He is also believed to have been buried here alongside his beloved wife Genevieve at Glastonbury Abbey. Arthur has been seen to many of us as the epitome of a medieval king that was both chivalrous and kind.

The area of Glastonbury is said also to be the birthplace of Merlin, with his home hereafter being on the outstanding peak of the Isle of Avalon, the Tor. This wonderful county lends itself to being a kingdom with hills aplenty, deep water springs at Wells and the lowlands being used in the summer months for grazing cattle. All of us here have walked along the streets of Glastonbury and enjoyed all the different shops and variety of people that are drawn here to visit this fantastic town.

We are also lucky enough to be a stones throw away from the place where the Camelot castle was believed to be: Cadbury Castle. Cadbury Castle is a high hill top which affords exceptional views across most of Somerset and well worth a visit. It was before the time of Arthur an Iron Age hill fort before the legend turned it in a castle with a round table seating Arthur and his knights.

We are surrounded by a rich history with beautiful views from our workshop window, we admire them on a crisp autumn morning like this one with all the trees changing colour and the low suns shadows streaking across the land. We love living in such a magnificent area and we love making our products for you here. Our hillside cottage workshop is over two hundred years old and has a rich history itself, it has seen many changes and developments over that time. It still stands proud overlooking the county towards Wells with the Cathedral unmistakably standing out against the green fields. We are very lucky to live here and we appreciate this fact every day.

Released On 13th Dec 2017