Our best kept secret to warm feet!

Cold Feet?

As you may have guessed, here at Sheepland we don’t like having cold feet! Yes, we may be surrounded by every type of sheepskin slipper imaginable, which is great when you’re in the house. Yet sometimes you just want to wear your favourite pair of shoes out and about on a chilly day. The only problem is that you realise 30 minutes after trooping outside in them, you remember why they were at the back of the wardrobe – your feet are freezing! Well, what if we were to tell you, you could have the warmth and luxury of sheepskin, inside your very own favourite pair of shoes/boos without a hefty price tag? One word: Insoles. Well, two words really: Sheepskin Insoles!

Now we must stress, we do not mean the lambswool and latex insoles, which seem to have flooded the market recently. Lambswool imitations use shorn wool from the sheep and have glued it to latex. These often seem great at first but usually they flatten quickly and you’re left with in essence just a normal latex insole. These to the untrained eye they can appear to be sheepskin, but to us experts they are a poor imitation to the real thing. What is better than scrunching your toes into the depths of thick and silky soft whole fleece sheepskin?

We have designed and made some wonderful insoles made from whole fleece sheepskin, not the lambswool imitations, but real 100% furry, lovely, fluffiness! The great thing is, we currently have three different types to suit your different footwear needs, here is a little more to explain:

Are you are a lover of Wellington Boots, well practised at standing out in the cold watching your son/daughter/husband on the sports field with your feet growing increasingly numb? Not only can we feel your pain, but thankfully can offer some relief – for your feet at least! Our Sheepskin insoles with slip resistant backing are perfect for wellies or shoes/boots with a smooth lining, as they will stay in place, keeping you warm and cosy all day long. We’ve even had customers use double sided sticky tape to create a semi-permanent lining. These are made from pure sheepskin which is affixed to a thin recycled backing, which can be easily cut to size/shape as necessary. A great addition to any Wellies, so there’s no need to pay over £190 for the fully lined ones!

If you have a pair of beloved sheepskin boots, which have seen you through many a winter, they’re probably feeling a little “flat” inside. You may have even forgotten what it feels like to have that barefoot sheepskin experience – don’t worry we all have a pair we can’t bear to part with! Thankfully there is another option (apart from the shoe rack in the sky) – our 100% Handmade Luxury Insoles are our original creation. These are cut from the whole sheepskin, soft and flexible, they are luxurious and still completely natural in their “raw” form. We have sold hundreds of pairs of these and have been overwhelmed at the response, people love the natural element – and of course because we handmake each pair! These are ideal to refresh a pair of much loved boots or shoes, you’ll fall back in love with them all over again we’re sure.

Our final solution is made for those who like a bit more of a cushion – well underfoot at least! Our Australian Luxury Insoles combine pure sheepskin with a bonded latex cushioned backing. This design means that although they cannot be trimmed to fit, they are silky soft but have an extra bit of padding underneath, like a regular insole. The sheepskin is particularly smooth and silky, ideal for those who are on their feet for much of the day. You can even put these in outdoor work boots, keeping you cosy even during the most arduous tasks.

Although we have these different types, you can put almost any of our sheepskin insoles in any type of shoe or boot, some just work that little bit better than others. Just remember is that even your oldest shoes can have a new luxurious lease of life, thanks to our removable insoles. Hopefully this Winter you can set off on a cold Winters day, safe in the knowledge that they’ll be no more numb toes!