Surprising Uses of Sheepskin

Sheepskin may not initially scream the word excitement, but it does inspire a wealth of creativity and craftsmanship. Those with a passion for all things creative might be inspired to use sheepskin for any of the following:

  1. Jewellery

Yes really.  Leather jewellery is a surprisingly popular avenue, from simple industrial style pieces, to large ornate flowers, all can be made from a leather or similar. Therefore if you have some sheepskin offcuts lying around why not give it a haircut and use the suede side to express your inner fashion designer.

  1. Pressure Points

If you have ever broken an ankle or a leg, you know what a toll those crutches can take on your hands and arms. We have had an amazing amount of people use our sheepskin offcuts to make themselves padded pieces to protect them from the hard plastic and rubbing. We have also had our sheepskin used as bases to foot braces, heel guards and much more. The wonderful nature of sheepskin means it is soft and supple, breathable and easy to wash – what more could you ask for we wonder!

  1. Pulse Points

No I’ve not got this mixed up with my previous point, I am really talking about your pulse points on your body, and we have made bespoke pulse point sheepskin bands designed especially. These are worn in particular around the wrists to help keep you toasty on a frosty day, from the reports we’ve had, they certainly did the trick!

  1. Sensory Development

We recently had the opportunity to send multiple bags of our offcuts to a special school that used them for children who had sensory disabilities. They were using the sheepskin to create touch/tactile development boards to help the children. Sheepskin is so incredibly tactile and even between within the same skin, they can all feel a little different, great to explore and also to calm.

  1. Stuffing

Not the breadcrumb and sage variety, but the type used in cushions for example. We’ve found that quite a few of our customers like the idea of a 100% natural stuffing, our sheepskin lends itself perfectly. Both the sheepskin and the wool can be used if necessary, it makes a great natural alternative, naturally fire retardant – and not to mention it’s wonderfully eco-friendly!

  1. Large scale warmth (insulation!)

Now this one is a little out there, but it is too good not to mention! As we’re all trying to be greener in this day and age, well we received a very interesting email a few months ago, from someone will this goal in mind…with a slight difference. We were asked if we could supply the offcuts and wool on a large scale, as in by the tonne (!), so it could be used to insulate an entire building! Obviously we were absolutely fascinated and intrigued, sadly as we couldn’t supply it in the quantity and time frame needed, they didn’t stay in touch. This does beg the question, I wonder if I’ll ever find out about the house stuffed with sheepskin?!

It is a passion to be able to take this fantastic material and breathe new life into it, using every part is crucial to ensure we are being eco-friendly as we just hate wastage – of any kind!

These are just a few alternative uses for Sheepskin, keep a look out for our next instalment of surprising sheepskin ideas. If you have any yourself, please do get in touch we’d love to hear them!