How to treat a spillage on your Sheepskin rug

How to deal with a spillage on your sheepskin,

It happens to us all, your wonderful doggie has jumped at you whilst you are holding a glass of wine, and  this then goes through your head  aarrghhh you’ve split red wine on your beautiful Ivory rug! What do I do now? Pour white wine on it and pray? Or scrub it out?

Wait; let us help you but talking through the steps you need to take to get rid of the wine or another stain on your rug/Pouffe.

Firstly move quickly, get a clean cloth and just blot as much of the liquid out as possible, keep blotting and changing cloths if it was a large glass. Keep it from spreading which is why it you must act fast or the problem will double.

Sheepskin is naturally stain resistant due to the wool fibres that have a protective coating that repels liquid. Sheepskin is just wonderful- Take a look at the other brilliant properties of Sheepskin here.

Secondly rinse the area with cold/lukewarm water to which you can add a little wool shampoo if you have some to hand or washing up liquid which most people will have. You can also you mild soap or baby shampoo.

Next and most importantly don’t scrub the stain. I know this is the most natural thing that you would think of doing but it will destroy the fibres and the stain will be worse. Let it settle and then assess how much of the stain is left, if it is still wet blot it again with a clean cloth. This should hopefully have got the stain but if not then it’s time to wash the rug.

You can either Machine wash your rug or hand wash it. This will depend entirely on your preference but the important things to remember is that the rug must be washed in cold or lukewarm water and with a wool shampoo. There is a wool wash on most washing machines now but it must be a cold temperature no higher than 30.

If it is a big stain and it is being stubborn then pretreat the area with a soak of cold/lukewarm water and a small about of wool shampoo.

Now just let the rug dry, away from heat and not in direct sunlight and give it some more love with a brush with a wire brush and your rug will be sparkling again! You can relax and enjoy your rug again.