Our top 10 uses for a Sheepskin Rug

Sheepland Sheepskin Blog 22We have had a few ideas here at Sheepland for other ways you can use your sheepskin rug.

Why not use your Sheepskin Rug as a chair cover for that uncomfortable seat, like a dining table chair. This way when you are sat for long periods of time either helping out your child with their studies at this time of year or if it’s a large family meal you will be sat on comfort.

Or try it on your sofa to offer the best seat in the house. This is also good if you are not as mobile as this will prevent sores and give you relief from your painful pressure points. It’s a wonderful product to use and is soft and warm; it will keep your seat warmer in the winter and cool you in the summer.

It could also change the look of a piece of furniture like an old chair or table or couch, it will make it look refreshed and add a change of colour.

An idea we had from our colleague Abi is why not try it as a bath mat in your guest bathroom. This will make it look fabulous and so elegant and be a wonderful talking point. The qualities of sheepskin lend the use of a rug in the bathroom, it absorbs the water will hold this so it won’t leak over your bathroom. The sheepskin can bounce back to the original shape and length and will be wonderful in the winter when you step out of the bath/shower onto a warm rug. She learnt this whilst doing another blog post on the amazing qualities of sheepskin. Read it here.

Sheepland Sheepskin Blog 23Something else to bear in mind when looking for alternate use if why not cover an old foot stool with an Organic rug from our collection, this will update the foot stool and create a talking point with any visitors. The Organic rugs are unique and each one is very different, this will brighten up a room or you can make it to match in with your décor.

I think this is my personal favourite use; we had a customer contact us about joining two ivory Sheepskins together so she could use them as underlay in her bed to support her back. This will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We made this for her and she absolutely adores it and brought more for her children.

You could also add a long double rug to the end of your bed or a guest’s bed so they can have toasty feet when the long cold nights draw in. A long fur bed throw is excellent and will make the guest bedroom look stylish and on trend.

Why not try a sheepskin rug as a Yoga mat, this will be perfect as they are soft and comfortable and will support your moves and will relieve your sore areas.

A sheepskin rug will also be perfect as a car seat, if you travel on long journeys and will keep you cool in the summer and you will be thankful you have one in the winter.

As you may have seen from some of our photos we have some adorable pets here at Sheepland. We have our cat called Bob who visits us here in the workshop on a daily basis and loves nothing more than snoozing the days away on his sheepskin rug. Your pet will thank us and will forever love you.