Sheepskin isn’t just for Winter but the Summer too!

Sheepskin isn’t just for Christmas but for summer too!

Finally its summer in Britain, blue skies, hot lazy days and sunshine forecasted…Well maybe, it is Britain after all!

We can dust off our Sandals and find a slice of the sun to catch some rays, but you might think that Sheepskin is the last thing you want to be near in the summer but contrary to this Sheepskin is perfect and here are a few reasons why.

Sheepskin keeps you cool

Sheepskin is the only natural product that can keep you cool when it’s hot and warm you up if it’s cold.

The fibres of the sheepskin allow air to circulate around your body or feet and will keep you cool.. Obviously I’m not suggesting being covered head to toe in Sheepskin with a Hat, Gloves and a woolly jumper, but as soon as your skin comes into contact with the sheepskin it cools your body and will keep it at a regulated temperature. The Sheepskin will absorb the sweat you produce and will disperse it into the air, this will make you feel refreshed and the amazing product that it is will do this quicker than any other synthetic material.

Keeping your babies or young children cool in the heat

A Sheepskin Rug will be brilliant to your small children and babies when the temperature rises, it will keep them cool in the same way- regulating the body temperature by circulating air around your child. We have both a Stroller Fleece and a Baby rug which can be put in their cot or bed, we have baby safe rugs which are hypoallergenic and have been tanned using specific ecological and baby safe methods.

Pop one in their cot or bed or in their stroller when they nap or travel and your baby/child will be comfortable and cushioned during the summer.

We have some more details of the benefits of Sheepskin in another new article, click here to read it.

Sheepskin Coolers

Sheepskin rugs in your house will remain constantly cool so are perfect for placing on sofas or on chairs that might make you uncomfortable if you are sitting on it during hot periods. Leather Sofas or car seats are the main culprit; if you pop a sheepskin rug on the seat you can be happy and relaxed knowing that you aren’t going to lose the skin on the back of your legs when you get up!

We have some really pretty rugs to perch on, take a look.