Caring for your Sheepskin Rug or Pouffe

Caring for your sheepskin- Rugs and Pouffes

We know that you love our products as much as we do here at Sheepland and this is a handy guide to looking after your Sheepskin Rug or Pouffe so it can look as beautiful as the day you brought it. We have compiled a list of hints that will help you to care for your Sheepskin Rug or Pouffe, a tiny bit of tender loving care and your Rug or Pouffe will love you back.

Give it a good brush!

Firstly give the Rug or Pouffe a really good brush with a wire pronged brush- as the Rug or Pouffe settles down into their new homes they can become matted and have debris caught in their fibres and with a good brush they will come back to their lovely fluffiness. We want your rug to be as luxurious as it can be, the brush will remove debris and untangle the fibres, and it will be perfect for when you get out of bed on a cold morning and feel the soft fibres through your toes- We currently have a Sheepskin Brush available for just £1.99.

Shake the rug!

This may seem silly but if you have a Sheepskin Rug and you pick it up and give it a good shake it will make the world of difference. You will be surprised and it will be an amazing tip especially if you have a pet who loves the rug as much as you and likes to lie over it- this will lift all fibres and they will bounce back to their original length. Will look splendid and the fluffiness will be returned.  Give it a go and see the difference! Another recommendation is to put some good music on and have a dance whilst you do it!

Give it a wash!

If your rug or Pouffe does get dirty and it can’t be brushed or shook out then you can wash your Rug or Pouffe. Remember with the Pouffe to remove all the stuffing. It can go into the washing machine along with some Wool Shampoo and on a low temperature wash- no hotter than 30 degrees and a short spin. It should go on the same setting as a wool jumper would. There is also another useful tip given by adding a small amount (a teaspoon) of Glycerine into the drawer of the washing machine and it will leave the rug/Pouffe extra supple.

The most important thing to remember is a low temperature wash and when it comes out of the washing machine is to reshape and flex the skin side of the Rug or Pouffe. This will make sure when it dries that it doesn’t become stiff and it will look as good as new!

Another important step when drying is that it CANNOT be put in the tumble dryer or on a radiator or in direct sunlight (so not on the washing line if it is warm). Leave it to dry naturally on the floor away from pets or children. If you can, massage the back of the sheepskin to stop it from going rock hard and ruining the rug or Pouffe- we suggest just shaking the rug and you can roll it up and then unroll to keep the back soft. The glycerine will also help prevent this from happening. Then refill your Pouffe as required.

If you have larger rugs- Quads, Sextos or Double rugs that won’t fit in the washing machine, you can just pop them into the bath along with some Sheepskin Shampoo and make sure the water is cool. Just follow the same steps as above.

Then once it is dried give it a good brush and your rug or Pouffe will be refreshed and looking better than ever!