Manufacturing a Natural Product – Learning to Love The Quirks

Manufacturing a Natural Product – Learning to Love The Quirks

We have combined our love of the Somerset countryside, traditional crafts and natural materials into Sheepland, a place where quirks are not only accepted but celebrated!

Here at Sheepland we have learnt to love our quirks, it’s part of what makes us special and allows us to give you the best of us. As we are such a small family run business we know that the best way to set us apart from our larger competitiors is to embrace everything that makes us different. By choosing to manufacture with a natural product that varies even within the same skin, we have learnt that some things are out of our hands. Some of the things you take for granted are:

Nothing is ever exactly the same

From Organic Pouffes to Handmade Cossack Hats, as they are all handmade out of different sheepskins, the fur thickness and texture will vary every time. This means instead of identical mass produced end product, we embrace all the quirks, from the curly wool on the Moccasins to the most minute black birth sport in a sheepskin rug. These little details which sometimes surprise us, make each item completely unique, which gives it a real charm. We love working with every fleece and skin, from the fluffiest to the silky soft, we’ve learnt just because a fleece is different, doesn’t mean it will be any less warm and comfortable!

There’s no such thing as a “wrong” question

Answering the phone for the past 12 years I have spoken to some fascinating people, all with questions and of course stories to tell. We have supplied sheepskins for a solitary Atlantic rower to sit on, chocolate long fur sheepskins for the most pampered dogs we’ve ever seen and an Organic Sexto for a touring music band travelling around the UK. We have the pleasure of welcoming back repeat customers who tell us all about their latest news. Our greatest pleasure is to be able to help people to choose the perfect sheepskin or pair of slippers, we know them inside out already, so it’s always lovely to make sure they’ll be the perfect choice. There are no right or wrong questions a lot of the time, so don’t be embarrassed to ask us anything you fancy!

The strangest things are possible sometimes!

Unlike other companies we can make single slippers, which allows us to cater for those who have different sized feet. This is because each Traditional Range Slipper and bespoke Moccasins are all handmade here in our Workshop, for each order, so we can tailor your slippers – within reason! We can use some of the funkiest colour combinations, you think of the colour and providing Pittards in Yeovil supply it, we can make you a one of kind pair. We’ve made everything from purple, pink and gold to orange, navy and white! So don’t be afraid to ask! We have even supplied bespoke sheepskin Moccasins for the Steven Speilberg Disney film the BFG!

Like with all quirks, we know we’ll just keep finding more and more! Let us know which quirks you love the best by #SheeplandQuirks on Facebook or Twitter