Sheepland Quad Sheepskin Fur Rug


These Sheepskin Quad rugs look particularly good on stone or ceramic floors, not to mention giving your feet some respite from the cold! Our Sheepskin rugs have been used on 60 Minute Makeover and CowBoy Builders. Some customers have used them at the end of beds and in front of fireplaces. The thick fur is very warm and so they can be moved around the home as and when you need.

Our Sheepskin rugs are long fur, Quads are approx 128cm x 185cm, available in ivory, champagne, black and dark chocolate.

Also available in different sizes Single, Double, Triple and Sexto

All the rugs are treated to achieve the same colour consistency, however if you would prefer an organic natural look rug please see our Organic Rug section. These skins vary in colour and tone, often speckled, giving a much more unique look.

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2 reviews for Sheepland Quad Sheepskin Fur Rug

  1. philippa lecky

    Wonderful quality fleeces, which were adapted to my needs, without fuss and with great personal attention to detail, so that the quad ran length ways rather than in a square. This I sleep on, giving me much comfort and relief with my disability. I cannot recommend this splendid company highly enough. (19.10.2015)

  2. Bradley Jamieson

    I’m absolutely delighted with my Champagne sheepskin fur rug. It defied my expectations and I have already had compliments on how nice it looks and how good it feels to the touch. It is currently sat in my living room between my television, sofa and stove and absolutely makes the room. The craftsmanship in making it is obvious and while expensive it was well worth the money. (27.08.2018)

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