Factory Seconds Bestselling Sheepskin Indoor Slipper Boots – Dark Brown – Size 4 & 5


End of Line Dark Brown Seconds Slipper Boots 

These Slipper Boots have small faults that make them less than perfect, faults may include, but are not limited to small glue marks, stitching errors with the inside seams, minor blemishes, scuffs, colour tone difference, variation in sheepskin, mismatched fur or tiny variation in size etc.

Our most popular Winter staple, our Luxury Sheepskin Slipper Boots are perfect for all the family, these are a real treat for feet! Once worn, never forgotten! We also have some of these fabulous slippers available as Factory Seconds here, reduced due to small appearance defects.

SIZING: We recommend ordering a size larger, as generally they are very snug sizes. There is only approx 1cm between each size, if you are in between sizes, go for the larger size. 

Here are our famous and unique Sheepland Indoor Slipper Boots, made with genuine sheepskin. The sheepskin provides the most wonderful warmth and such a soft sumptuous feel around your feet and ankles. They can be turned up to warm your ankles or folded down to reveal the sumptuous sheepskin underneath. These slipper boots are for indoor use only, made with a simple sheepskin sole, perfect for those chilly nights and snuggling on the sofa.The unique properties of sheepskin allow the skin to breathe, the feet feel warm, dry and comfortable all day.

We are currently selling two different variations (both exactly the same in every way, except for the additional sheepskin insole in one):

Original Slipper Boot – Classic seamless sheepskin underfoot


Available in sizes 4 & 5 as we has discontinued this colour.

COLOURS: You have a choice of Chestnut/Tan, and Grey ( Please see other listing in the slipper section )  Dark Brown (now discontinued colour so limited sizes) . Due to the dying process of the sheepskin we recommend you wash your Dark Brown Slippers before wear to avoid any external colour transfer. You can machine wash at 40 Celsius and allow to dry naturally in a warm room.

These slipper boots have been made from the finest natural materials, made with the genuine sheepskin fleece, they are luxuriously soft, with a beautiful coloured exterior. These are truly wonderful slippers and we have had so many customers return to us, to buy these fabulous slippers for all different members of the family. For a closer look at the slipper boot click here

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