100% British Grey Herdwick Sheepskin Rugs

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We are absolutely thrilled to share our brand new undyed Grey Herdwick Sheepskin Rugs with you, all individually hand picked by ourselves, from our South West Tannery. These skins are 100% British, bred and tanned in the UK, most likely coming from the Lake District as 99% of Herdwick sheep are kept in flocks in the central and western dales of the Lake District. These fells run to over 3000 feet, face the westerly rain and winds and see the country’s highest rainfall. No wonder the Herdwick is considered the hardiest of sheep!

These Herdwick sheepskins are one of a kind, the fur being unique to the breed. In fact the Herdwick breed are born with black fleeces, and at roughly a year old the wool grows out, revealing the fluffy white hair underneath. Over time, their fleeces turn to a dark brown and then to their characteristic grey, which is why these fleeces are such incredible grey tones.

Herdwick have a very dense fleece with long hair. The texture is slightly different, they are a little coarser than the other Organic sheepskin but still soft and sumptuous. This incredible natural texture is often described as more “wild”, it makes them absolutely stunning to look at. Funnily enough these Herdwick sheepskins are also more water resistant than some other sheepskins, this is because it gets wet more slowly and dries out quicker than other fleeces.

These look incredible in any room, but look especially attractive over chairs on in front of a fireplace – although we can’t promise that your four legged friends won’t steal them for themselves! These can be kept looking wonderful with a sheepskin brush, which we will provide for free with every rug purchase.

Not applicable while on pre-order: We have just a few of these available, we have changed the way we list the Herdwicks, so every rug available is listed in the drop down menu, named “HW” followed by a number, along with the label on the photos. We have named them as you can see the label in the photo of each rug, the measurements are also on the dropdown list. If you have any trouble at all, please do not hesitate to call us and we can help.

We call these “Organic” sheepskins because they are entirely free of any bleach or dye, they have still been tanned to preserve the hide, but the colouring and patterns have been left 100% utterly as nature intended.  We do our very best to take these photographs in natural light and we do not alter the colouring post production. However as much as we try to give a clear reflection on the colouring, sheepskin is a natural product and in some lights tones may appear differently, this is the beauty of buying such a unique sheepskin.

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1 review for 100% British Grey Herdwick Sheepskin Rugs

  1. Matthew Dyer

    I bought two of these beautiful rugs and am so pleased. They are much softer and deeper piled than I’d imagined. Customer service was wonderful too, getting a call regarding the delivery and the best way to get them to me the fastest way possible. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

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