Handmade Sahara Sheepskin Moccasins


Our Sahara Moccasin has been made here in Somerset overlooking the historic Glastonbury Tor for many years. One of our most popular styles, for all ages and genders, we now offer in a PVC firm sole or a pure suede soft sole option. Each pair of these gorgeous slippers are handmade from luxurious sheepskin and Scottish suede. This classic moccasin has an adjustable tie lace, scalloped collar and what they call in our industry a “pie-crust” finish around the toes where it is stitched.  We have a PVC sole with a light tread, which is lightweight, durable and thick enough to give the bottom of the slippers some protection from stone/rough floors. We craft each pair by hand, employing local crafts people in this traditional industry.

You may be wondering what the difference is between our Traditional Moccasin and this Sahara Moccasin, the difference is the specific type of  sheepskin used. In this moccasin we use pure sheepskin with an extra layer of suede on the outside. This helps them keep their shape and makes them stronger, along with the added luxury of the beautiful sheepskin inside. The Traditional Moccasin are whole fleece, without any extra suede, which means they are softer yet more susceptible to damage if the sizing is not absolutely perfect.

You will NOT need to order a size larger in our Sahara Moccasin.

Currently available in sizes 5-12 with a slim firm sole or soft sole, plus limited Size 13’s in a slim firm sole. The soft sole Sahara’s are currently being made and have a wait time of approximately 3-4 weeks but fingers crossed it’ll be quicker!

A perfect combination of luxury, style and warmth with the added bonus of being 100% British made, right here in Somerset.

The firm sole option has a 6 millimetre sole, approximately.

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1 review for Handmade Sahara Sheepskin Moccasins

  1. Amanda House

    Probably the most comfortable and well fitting Moccasins I have ever worn in 40 years! The lining is just the right density so you can wear them with or without socks. They come up the heel the right height so they don’t flop. The firm sole is perfect For hard floors around the house and definitely non slip! Only small downside is that that sole is a little noisy. Would definitely recommend and buy again.

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