100% Handmade Sheepland Sheepskin Teddy Bear


The only fully jointed Sheepskin Teddy to be made from “Baby Safe” Sheepskin right here in Somerset, UK – a thoroughly British bear indeed! Each and every bear is lovingly handcrafted from start to finish here in Somerset, these are not made on a vast manufacturing line, and instead are cut, sewn and stuffed all individually. Working on such an individual basis, everything from the different sheepskin pelts used for each teddy, the different softness of the suede on the paws, gives each bear a unique finish and the variations between each bear become part of their own personality. If you were looking for a companion, far removed from the mass produced, with their own handmade finish and quirks, proudly British in every way possible, you need look no further.

From cutting the sheepskin, to stuffing and brushing our Teddy Bears, it is all done by hand with extra special loving care. These make the most fabulous gifts, and tend to become firm family favourites. A natural playmate and a family friend, our Sheepskin Bear is made from 100% Baby Safe natural sheepskin, the fur is thick and luxurious, fingers enjoy the tactile experience of stroking and touching the deep pile.

45 cm tall, fully jointed and each made individually. Our Bears have travelled as far as Sweden and Australia to complete the family! A natural escape – our Bears can provide the ideal soul mate, as a gift for an adult or a teenager, the Bear becomes a friend, a bear to treasure, to share emotions and to love. A family friend. A Sheepland Bear is made to last and last, living with you, and your family, it is only natural that it will become an heirloom which passes down from generation to generation.

…Remember, these are made from Sheepskin tanned without chrome, which is a special grade of medical sheepskin, other fleeces are not suitable for babies/infants.

The stuffing that brings the Teddy to life is made from fine wool and is super soft.

We are proud to announce that our Sheepland Teddy Bear is now certified by Trading Standards as “Toy Safe”, they meet all European legislation and toy safety requirements.

Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

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3 reviews for 100% Handmade Sheepland Sheepskin Teddy Bear

  1. Cindy Marshall

    These are wonderful, please make them in deifferent colours and e mail me when you have
    Thank you

  2. Eleanor Kellock

    I bought this lovely teddy for my granddaughter. It is so unique and beautifully made. I am a collector of some unique Steiff bears and in my judgement, this teddy is a match for any of those and is, in fact, so much better as it is baby safe , which they aren’t. I also bought a baby safe sheepskin rug to go with the teddy which my granddaughter also loves. I can’t thank Sheepland enough for such superb products.

  3. Arne Ödegård

    I would like to thank you for this nice teddy bear I bought from you. The teddy bear is so nice!

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