Size, Fitting and Care

We understand that getting the right fit in your slippers and boots is absolutely crucial, particularly when you can’t go into a shop to try them beforehand. We will do everything in our power to help you find your perfect fit. Here is some helpful advice to assist you:

If you are not entirely sure what size you take, simply stand on a piece of paper and draw around your foot, ensuring you are placing weight on your foot while measuring. You can then measure the length in centimetres and this corresponds to our sizing chart below (all sizes are approximate and should be used as a guide only. For more instructions visit:

CM 23.5 24.5 25.5 26.5 27.5 28.5 29.5
Approx UK foot Size UK 5 UK 6 UK 7 UK 8 UK 9 UK 10 UK 11

If you are between sizes we always recommend going up a size, as sheepskin does not always stretch, it can sometimes tear if the sizing isn’t quite right.

For a full list of our sizing recommendations for each product please see here:

 Product Size
 Traditional Luxury Bootie Go up one full size
 Sahara Sheepskin Moccasin Order usual size (designed to be snug fit)
 Suede and Lambswool Moccasins  Order usual size (designed to be snug fit)
Charlotte Ladies Slippers Order usual size
 Leather Moccasins Order usual size
New style Chocolate Luxury MulesOrder usual size
 Sheepland Classic Range Sheepskin Boots Order usual size
 Sheepland New Season Sheepskin BootsGo up one full size
Slipper BootsGo up one full size
Chestnut Suede Moccasin Order usual size
New 100% British MulesOrder usual size
Luxury Soft Sheepskin LoaferOrder usual size
Claire Sheepskin SlippersSnug fit, go up a size to wear with socks
Sheepskin SnugsOrder usual size, go up if half size


Caring for your sheepskin products is very important to ensure you have a long happy life together! For sheepskin rugs we highly recommend our sheepskin brushes, this keeps the fur from bedding down and helps keep them clean. A great trick is to shake the rug vigorously to remove any dust or small particles. Alternately you can also use a vacuum cleaner, but ONLY do so with a non-rotating attachment, just use the suction head to be safe. Smaller sheepskin rugs and shearlings can be machine washed. You will need to use the Cool Wool setting and use a specialist non-enzyme shampoo/detergent. Only use cold, or barely warm, water for cleaning as hot water could do severe damage. You can add a tsp of glycerin in the final rinsing water to help keep the leather side supple.

Once you have washed your rug, it is important to remove as much excess water as possible, you can do this by gently wringing it out. You should never use a tumble drier to dry any sheepskin products. You must allow your rug to dry naturally away from any direct heat source, including radiators, the sun and airing cupboards. If you dry the sheepskin too quickly it will became rock solid and ruin it. We recommend to occasionally massage and flex the skin side of the rug as it dries to ensure its suppleness and that it keeps its shape. By using the sheepskin brushes just before it is completely dry, it will help to keep the fur looking fluffy and inviting!

You can wash your Sheepland Tan Slipper Boots but once you do, do bear in mind they will never be quite as soft as before. Washing them removes the natural oils in the sheepskin and suede, which will make it stiff when drying. We would always advise trying to leave them for as long as possible before washing. To neutralise any odour you can put a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda in overnight and shake out in the morning. If you do decide to wash them, we would recommend hand-washing in lukewarm water as above with a sheepskin shampoo or non-bio detergent. You must allow them to dry naturally away from any direct heat sources including tumble driers, fires, radiators or airing cupboards. As they dry, keep flexing them as much as possible, this will help to keep the suede more supple. We would always advise spraying them with a protect/waterproofing spray when new, which will help to protect from any staining.

You can use these instructions to clean some of the Sheepskin Slippers, however please contact us beforehand, as it not suitable for every type we sell.

Who We Are

Sheepland was founded in the Tan Yard in Street, Somerset back in 1986, we made sheepskin toys, slippers and crafts to sell directly to local shops. We moved to Barton St David in 1988 and continued to manufacture footwear and our famous Sheepland rocking sheep in the beautiful Somerset countryside. Our name actually stemmed from the success of these large rocking sheep creations, as we handmade so many, this is how we became known…as “Sheepland”!

We created beautiful bespoke products for Anderson and Sheppard, Mulberrys, Cox of York, Rowleys, House of Bruar, Johnstons of Elgin and the National Trust to name just a few!

Sadly with the decline in the industry, many of the smaller shops have closed and as the prices of the sheepskins have increased which has seen lots of changes in the local area. We now sell directly to our customers via . However we still embrace the traditional methods and our rich history here in Somerset. We are a small family company, working together to bring you handmade sumptuous sheepskin slippers and our personal attention to each and every order. We continue to employ local crafts people to create our wonderful range of British made sheepskin slippers, hats, rugs, bed throws, leather slippers, footmuff, handmuff, headbands, teddy bears and of course of Sheepland Sheepskin Footstool right here in Somerset.