XL 100% Undyed Rare Breed Sheepskin Rugs


As you may know, here at Sheepland we are constantly striving to find the very finest fleeces to add to our huge range of sheepskins. We are thrilled to share our latest favourites, these larger single 100% Undyed Rare Breed Sheepskins, all chosen for their unique colouring and their fabulous size.

For those wondering why you would choose an undyed sheepskin, all you have to do is look at the incredible natural highlights and tones, all entirely thanks to nature. These are a mixture of native breeds and cross breeds, this combination makes for some of the most eye-catching natural colouration possible. Entirely free of dye and bleach, these are ideal for someone wanting a sheepskin with more character, both authentic and individual. These look incredible in any room, but look especially attractive over chairs on in front of a fireplace – although we can’t promise that your four-legged friends won’t steal them for themselves! These can be kept looking wonderful with a sheepskin brush, which we provide free with every rug purchase.

We have just a relatively small batch of these available, so every rug available is listed with it’s measurements in the drop down menu, along with the photos. We have named them from 1 onwards. You are buying that individual rug which appears in the photograph. Please note that some of these rugs do have stitching on the reverse of the skin, this does not affect the fur side. If you have any trouble at all, please do not hesitate to call us on 01458 850991 and we can help.