Undyed Natural Brown 100% Undyed Sheepskin Rugs


Our customers have been asking for more variety in our beautiful Undyed Rare Breed Sheepskin Rugs, so we’re happy to share our latest find. These are completely natural, undyed Natural Brown Sheepskin Rugs, from Brown sheep! Usually these are dyed Black, but the highlights from the sun on their fleeces are truly one of a kind. They have the softest fur around and are very versatile, they can be used as throws, bed runners and all around the home. Every sheepskin has been individually photographed and labelled “D1”, “D2” etc so you can choose the exact rug you like the best.

These look incredible in any room, but look especially attractive over chairs on in front of a fireplace – although we can’t promise that your four legged friends won’t steal them for themselves! These can be kept looking wonderful with a sheepskin brush, which we will provide for free with every rug purchase.

We have just a few of these available, so every rug available is listed in the drop down menu, along with the photos.

If you have any trouble at all, please do not hesitate to call us and we can help.

We call these “Organic” sheepskins because they are entirely free of any bleach or dye, they have still been tanned to preserve the hide, but the colouring and patterns have been left 100% utterly as nature intended.

We do our very best to take these photographs in natural light and we do not alter the colouring post production. However as much as we try to give a clear reflection on the colouring, sheepskin is a natural product and in some lights tones may appear differently, this is the beauty of buying such a unique sheepskin.

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