Baby Sheepskin Pushchair Liners

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Something that is often overlooked, our stroller fleece is surprisingly versatile and has been a firm favourite for our customers for many years. These can be used in carseats, prams and strollers with minimal fuss, creating a cocoon of comfort and helping to regulate temperature throughout the year. The fleece is tactile and soothing not to mention that they also look incredibly luxurious in place. These make perfect gifts! These special car/baby seat fleeces, are designed to come apart, using strong velcro, so that they can fit into car seats, strollers, etc., and can be adjusted to use just some sections for small baby – then add the top section for when baby grows, or to use in the stroller. These baby rugs are just fantastic, natural ivory colour, and so soft your baby will want to stroke them, and will naturally rest and cuddle into the fur.

“I hadn’t thought much about getting a stroller liner myself, until my Mother bought me one of these Sheepland liners and the quality is amazing – you can’t help but stroke the soft fur. I used it in my Doona, Maxi-Cosi, Joie Isofix and now it’s in my umbrella stroller. It’s so easy to move, I tend to take it out and swap it depending on where we’re going. My son loves it for long walks in the pram, as a newborn he would sleep for far longer with the fleece in place. I cannot recommend it enough, well worth the money to help him nap for longer!” – Ms White, Dorset

Approx: 76cm x 35.5cm

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