Sheepland Bespoke Large Organic Pure Sheepskin Rug – Natural Brown Quad


Buying British has never been easier! These are 100% British Sheepskin, from British Sheep, from a British Tannery in the South West, stitched entirely in our Somerset Workshop. These Organic Rugs have not be treated with harsh chemicals or bleached/dyed. These are the natural sheepskins, and their unique colouring reflects this. Very popular for those wishing to have something a little different from the norm, with much more character. We have made this stunning Quad from Natural Brown Fleeces, which are from Brown sheep, usually destined to be dyed black or dark colours. The natural highlights are from the many weeks they have spent grazing in the fields, over time the sun naturally lightens their fleeces.

We are one of the last remaining Sheepskin Workshops which make all of our Organic Rugs here in our Somerset Workshop, these are hand-matched, cut, sewn, finished, trimmed and brushed all on site. These are truly 100% British, from British reared sheep, made with our own fair hands in the traditional ways. This Quad has been made by matching four identical rugs, usually from the same flock, so that it tones in together, to create this showstopper!

This individual Quad rug is approx 183cm in length and 100cm in width, perfect in front of a fireplace. We have just one of these made (as photographed), as they are notoriously difficult to match, so don’t hang around, once it’s gone, it’s gone!

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