British Sheepskin Patchwork Dog Throw/Rug


These handmade Sheepskin Pet Rugs are perfect for keeping your pampered pets warm and cosy all year round. The soft fur is tactile and it naturally keeps them cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter, as it allows air to circulate. Sheepskin is naturally fire retardant, completely natural and has been used for centuries in the relief of pressure sores and pain.

Each rug is made by hand in our Somerset Workshop, overlooking the historic Glastonbury Tor. We make them with silky smooth long and short fur sheepskin, in a patchwork style using various colours of natural sheepskin off cuts. These will not only make your pets happy but will also make your home look fantastic too. Ideal as a throw to lie on top of their existing bed or as a rug around the home.

Size: 89cm x 56cm

These can be brushed to keep them looking clean and tidy.
Some customers have used them at the end of beds, over armchairs and on outdoor benches.
Charlie gives it the thumbs up…!

Please call us on 01458850991 if you would like more information.

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