Limited Edition Black Sheepskin Shearling

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Our latest limited edition coloured shearlings now available in Black, we have been lucky enough to source these as a one off to our luxury home decor range. You may have seen the popular Scandinavian home decor style taking the lead with these curly and dense shorn skins. They are popular to drape over simple rocking chairs, bar stools or window seats. By keeping the fur length shorter, they allow for a more cushioned feel and are much less bulky, ideal for moving from room to room. You may have guessed, these go down a storm with our four legged members of the family, particularly useful in the darker colours as they hide the dirt. Our family Burmese has one of his own and adores it, although it is sometimes occupied by one of the dogs just trying their luck!

The fur is fabulously soft and tactile, the curly nature of the skin gives it such an inviting look in any room, used on Armchairs, Foot stools, Wheelchairs, Ottomans and for long journeys. The sheepskin is a whole fleece skin which has been dyed to give all over colour coverageThese measure approximately 95cm in length, 80cm in the widest part and 55cm in the narrowest.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 01458850991.  These Sheepskins can be washed on a delicate cycle or by hand with a sheepskin shampoo or specialist non-bio detergent. You must let them dry naturally away from any direct heat source. – See more about the care here

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