Factory Seconds – Sheepskin Insoles with slip-resistant backing (two pairs)



Packs of two pairs, photo for illustration only. Faults may include: mismatched fur, include texture/colour, shorter fur length, blemished sheepskin colour, curly wool, silky wool, glue marks – however these are still wonderfully warm and cosy, ideal as they are not even visible when in place, an absolute bargain at less then half the price! The price shown is for two pairs, as these are sold in packs of two pairs. Please bear in mind pairs are not cut from the same individual sheepskin, as each skin varies from skin to skin, hence why some will be somewhat mismatched.

This is our second type of insole, which combine the softness of sheepskin, with a thin manmade backing. This allows them to stay stiff and not bunch up in certain shoes. These are made with slightly shorter length sheepskin with a dense pile, which enables them to fit in most shoes and wellies. Please be aware, these are whole fleece sheepskin, not the wool or bonded composite, these are whole sheepskins which have been cut into insoles and then affixed to the backing, unlike their cheaper counterparts which are just the sheared wool from a sheep.

These are perfect for those who want to enjoy the softness of sheepskin, but with a structured back, to help keep them in place. The slip resistant backing gives them grip and structure.

If you find they aren’t the right fit, these insoles can be cut and trimmed using normal scissors. Therefore you can order a larger size and just cut down as needed.

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