Clearance Factory Seconds - Sheepland Luxury British Sheepskin Indoor Slipper Boots in Slate Grey


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Clearance Factory Seconds

These are notoriously difficult to stitch and while we’ve been experimenting with the different sheepskin we have had a few pairs which have not made the grade. The larger price reduction reflects the level of the faults.

The faults include:  

  • Misshapen feet – the hardest part of stitching these is not twisting them under the sewing machine, we have pairs that appear to “sit” differently, this is our most common fault, but once they are worn they will mould to your feet anyway!
  • Mismatch in size (at worst 1cm) – As these are being stitched some seam allowances are slightly less/more, which means we have pairs which might have a slight difference in overall length in the foot.
  • Marks/Stitching Blemishes – As the suede is cut and stitched we sometimes had to overlock twice or on our prototypes we were trying out different thread colours. They may have small marks which make them less than perfect. Thankfully the grey is quite forgiving in tone, but they are not 100%
  • Label colour mismatch – We were experimenting with different fabric labels on the reverse of the heel, so some may have slight colour differences (though all are shades of grey)
  • Sheepskin variation – While we were making prototypes we tried using different sheepskins, so in some rare pairs we have some sheepskin which is slightly different in texture

However these will still keep you cosy and warm, they are all British Sheepskin and we have hand finished every single pair ourselves here in Somerset. Here is the full product description:

We have taken our most popular Slipper Boot, a boot shaped slipper, which keeps feet warm and cosy all day long which now uses British Sheepskin all hand finished here in our Somerset Workshop! Although this type of sheepskin (especially as it is British Sheepskin) is much more expensive for us to use, we think it is worth it to support our own domestic British sheepskin industry. We have sifted through hundreds of samples of sheepskin and colours, perfecting our vision. We have chosen the most incredible British Sheepskin, a sheepskin shorn to 15mm, chosen for its density. We love them, they are like a sheepskin cuddle to your feet. We have cut these a little narrower than before, to stop them from being too loose with wear, so they will feel different to an old pair. We have painstakingly chosen the exact tone of Grey, a dark Slate, which is dark enough to hide the dirt, but also looks incredible. This suede has been specially dyed to our requirements, a unique tone, with lovely depth of colour, offset by the natural undyed British sheepskin within. As ever, our Slipper Boots can be worn up above the ankles or rolled down to reveal the decadent sheepskin within. These slipper boots are for indoor use only, made with a simple sheepskin sole, perfect for those chilly nights and snuggling on the sofa. The unique properties of sheepskin allow the skin to breathe, the feet feel warm, dry and comfortable all day.

Available in sizes 5 -12

SIZING: We recommend ordering a size larger, as generally they are snug sizes. There is only approx 1cm between each size, if you are in between sizes, go for the larger size.


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