100% Undyed Organic Sheepskin Double Rug in Rich Mahogany


100% Undyed Organic Sheepskin Rug in Rich Mahogany – Made by hand in Somerset

We are absolutely thrilled to share our brand new 100% Undyed Natural Sheepskin Rug in Rich Mahogany. Individually hand picked and stitched by ourselves, we are one of the last remaining companies to be making these fantastic Sheepskin Rugs from rare breed fleeces. The time it takes to match these rugs, to find it’s perfect partner is quite astonishing! If you are looking to buy the most wonderful Somerset handcrafted rug, you’ve come to the right place!

As you can see, we have just finished sewing this stunning rug from the most beautiful natural undyed “Organic” sheepskins, which are entirely free of any bleach or dye. Every single double we make from these is completely different and as the skins are so unique they cannot be replicated, ensuring you’ve got something entirely individual. These sheepskins are some of the softest too, ideal for those who can’t resist touching the glorious fur.

The skins have still been tanned to preserve the hide, but the colouring and patterns have been left 100% utterly as nature intended. Once this lovely rug is gone, it’s gone! We have hand matched, hand stitched and hand finished this rug all from our Workshop. Chosen by hand, it looks fantastic with it’s unique colouring, softness and exceptional quality. These Organic Rugs are perfect around the home, they can be used as chair throws, at the end of a bed, stool covers, in window seats, in front of a fire or even in a bathroom!

This rug is approximately: 184cm in length, 57cm in the widest middle part of the rug with the most wonderful short Fur.

These look incredible in any room, but look especially attractive over chairs on in front of a fireplace. These can be kept looking wonderful with a sheepskin brush, which we will provide for free with every rug purchase. If you have any trouble at all, please do not hesitate to call us and we can help.

We do our very best to take these photographs in natural light and we do not alter the colouring post production. However as much as we try to give a clear reflection on the colouring, sheepskin is a natural product and in some lights tones may appear differently, this is the beauty of buying such a unique sheepskin.

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