100% Tibetan Nomad Lambskin Sheepskin Rug


We are over the moon with our latest find from the world of Sheepskin! These Lambskins are very special indeed, these are the skins from the Tibetan Nomad herds of sheep kept and raised in the Himalayan Mountains. The fur is unlike anything you’ve felt, it is so incredibly silky and soft, it feels light and baby soft. Due to the silky curly fur, these are more suited to a throw, as they lack the density a floor rug would have. When the sheep have been processed for their meat, only the best hides have been sent for tanning, which we have been lucky enough to get hold of. We have just a limited number of these rare rugs, as they are very difficult to source.

We have three fantastic colours to choose from, a rich Burgundy, a classic Grey and a warm Taupe the sizes are on average as follows: Burgundy 120cm x 70cm, Grey 120cm x 60cm and Taupe 100cm x 70cm. Due to this particular breed having curly wool on the top of their heads, the shape of the lambskin is more defined, because traditional breeds do not tend to include the crown.

These will look superb over a bench, chair or sofa, the curly fur catches the light beautifully in any setting.

We do our very best to take these photographs in natural light and we do not alter the colouring post production. However as much as we try to give a clear reflection on the colouring, sheepskin is a natural product and in some lights tones may appear differently, this is the beauty of buying such a unique sheepskin.

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