Why we should help support British Manufacturing

Why we should help support British Manufacturing

Nestled in the hills of Somerset, we work from our cottage Workshop, enjoying the slow countryside buzz and hum of tractors. By working from our small Workshop we have been able to make small cottage crafts without the overheads, costs and related stress of a traditional shop. This has allowed us to grow the business in a more organic way from when it first began in 1986. We strongly believe in supporting British manufacturing, being manufacturers our self, we know the benefits first hand! We are lucky enough to be involved with Make it British, who do their utmost to help promote and facilitate trade between customers and British manufacturers. We also joined the Bradshaws “Buy British” Campaign, which was really interesting – not to mention all the fun we had when they visited us!


There are lots of great reasons to help support British Manufacturing, here are just a few of our favourite reasons:

  1. By searching out British made products you can be directly helping secure jobs in Britain, which in turn would help to boost the economy. In our own industry we have noticed a huge decline in the amount of trained machinists, if more manufacturing was kept within this country, there would be more training to keep up with the skills needed.
  2. Our carbon footprint may not immediately come to mind, but by buying closer to home we are avoiding long haul transport and subsequently reducing our carbon footprint. This will not only benefit our local business, but of course our future generations and the world we live in!
  3. Customer Service is important in any business, but if you have a problem with an order from a foreign company, you may need to tackle a language barrier and/or transport to return it, which can be a nightmare! We would like to think that our British businesses will not only be easier to deal with but much more straightforward when it comes to returning an item.
  4. Bespoke. Again it doesn’t immediately come to mind, but being able to ask for a bespoke product is quite a luxury! We have lots of requests for personalised products, sheepskin swaps, colour additions, these are all possible because we manufacture right here in our Workshop. If we didn’t have this option, you would not be able to buy/alter a product to your very own taste/desire.
  5. Quality is synonymous with Britain, thanks to our ancestors, we have a fabulous reputation around the world – and rightly so! By supporting British manufacturing we can rest easy that the quality is second to none. One of the highlights of our calender is selecting by hand the fabulous fleeces, suede and leather, all can be hand picked, allowing us to ensure the very best quality.

Now there are far more reasons why we should take the opportunity to do our bit to help British manufacturing, but these are just our top five! We know that our customers love the whole package, from our top quality made traditional range slippers to our friendly and personal service, so we’ll do our best to keep the British spirit alive!

Released On 5th Mar 2018

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