Where in the house can you put a Sheepskin?

Where in the house can you put a Sheepskin?

You’ll be surprised to know we’ve been asked this question quite a few times, probably because sheepskins are so versatile, they keep coming up with new ways/places to use them. Here are our favourite spots around the home to put your sheepskin:

  1. Sheepskin Bed Throw

There is something wonderfully decadent about the feel of sheepskin underfoot, why not swap the floor rugs, for a bed throw positioned at the end of your bed. This not only looks stunning, keeps you warm at night but also is perfect for snuggling up with when reading. If you don’t fancy the idea of putting one large long rug down, why not buy two singles and put them side by side?

  1. The Nursery

When using sheepskin around little ones you need to be especially mindful about the specific sheepskin you own. A normal long fur sheepskin is not suitable for babies as it can cause skin irritation. However a specialist Baby Rug can be used safely in the cot, Moses basket or even to cover a feeding pillow. Funnily enough they also make the most beautiful photo opportunities in your own home, they’re already used by many professional photographers. Why not make your own memories on these calming, temperature regulating “wonder-rugs” today?

  1. The Patio

This makes far more sense when you take into account the unpredictable English weather and non-existent summertime. If you don’t want to let a chilly evening spoil your BBQ plans, why not drape some sheepskin rugs over your outdoor garden furniture? Not only do they keep you cushioned and cosy but they also look absolutely fantastic – if friends ask, it’s called Scandinavian chic! You can use long fur double rugs on outside benches and cushion covers for hard to fit seats.

  1. On the Wall

Yes, really! We have had our Organic British Sheepskins specially selected and placed in a very prominent local pub, in an unusual position. Instead of putting the rug in front of the fireplace, they have mounted it, in its very own deep, glass fronted picture frame. Not only does it look amazing, but it also creates a real talking point amongst guests. If you didn’t want to mount an entire rug, why not try your hand at some artistic draping, it would certainly be unique!

  1. Anywhere

If in doubt, our motto here at Sheepland, is give it a go, if it doesn’t work just change it. The most convenient thing about a sheepskin rug is that they can be easily picked up and moved. They can even be cut and made into something else entirely! You’ll be amazed how popular they are with the whole family, so it’s not really about where in your house you should put them, it’s more so “just how many can you fit into your house…?”


Don’t forget, we make and stock short fur sheepskin rugs, long fur sheepskin rugs, rare breed organic sheepskin rugs, specialist baby safe sheepskin rugs and much much more – just let us know what you want and we’ll do our very best to help!