Our guide to our Sheepskin Slipper Boots

Choosing the right type of slippers seems like a small thing, but for many of our customers it has been a turning point in their health and comfort. Once you find a pair of sheepskin slippers that help to circulate the air and finally banish the chills, life can certainly feel less stressful. To help point our customers in the right direction we will be writing a series of articles about which of our slippers are better for different people and situations.

For those who want maximum warmth and luxury in the boot style slippers, we often get asked which Slipper Boots will suit them best, the Mocha House boots, the Indoor Slipper Boots or the Traditional Handmade Booties? Everything from your foot shape to your home life will have an impact on our answer. So here is a quick summary of what we usually ask and discuss to help find the ideal slipper:

Outdoorsy? If you tend to be a little naughty in your slippers i.e popping out to the bins in them or doing a spot of gardening – yes we know you forget you’ve got them on! If you’re guilty as charged, even though none of our slippers are meant to be worn outside, we would suggest looking for a firm non slip sole like our Loafers or our Beige Suede and Lambswool Moccasin.

Width Issues? If you tend to buy wider shoes we would certainly point you away from certain designs, as the sheepskin doesn’t always lend itself well for a wide fitting. Our best advice is to look at our Sahara Moccasin and our Slipper Boots if you need them a bit roomier!

Expert Snuggler? If you’re more of a “snuggler” who loves nothing more coming home and curling up on the sofa, we just know you’ll love our Slipper Boots (now also in brown) and Mocha House boots. These are just perfect for ultimate snuggling in front of a fire on the sofa, as they have such a lovely flexible feel and soft structure.  If you want to snuggle but prefer a more traditional design, we have the perfect choice in our handmade British Sheepskin Booties, the ultimate “toast for toes” since 1988!

You may ask:

What is the difference between the Mocha House Boot and the Indoor Slipper boot? They are exactly the same apart from that our Mocha House Boots have an additional removable sheepskin insole, which gives two layers of sheepskin beneath your foot. Of course the other most obvious difference is the two beautiful colours, our Mocha House Boot is dark chocolate and the Slipper Boots are Tan. This popular chocolate colour has been so successful that we’ve just extended our range of Slipper Boots to include it. I can hear all the dog owners letting out a sigh of relief, thank goodness, as we all know mud doesn’t show up on brown slippers! What more could you ask for?

What should buy if I want warm ankles but I find it difficult taking off or putting on Boots? Take a look at our Traditional Handmade Sheepskin Booties. Handcrafted in our Workshop, these are slightly easier to get on and off as they are more similar to the Moccasin style. Wonderfully cosy and warm they come further up your ankle then the Katrina or the Traditional Tan Moccasins. We can also make them with an unstitched fluffy sheepskin collar which means you can roll up the collar even higher for especially chilly nights. We can also make our Traditional Sheepskin Booties with a slim firm sole or a soft suede sole.

Which is best for me the firm or soft sole? If you have stone floors then it is best to get the firm sole as it gives extra protection but if you mainly have carpets then the soft sole would be perfect for you. My mum has a pair of the Booties and she adores them, she never takes them off!

I still can’t decide between the Indoor Slipper Boots and the Luxury Traditional Sheepskin booties, how should I decide?

We thought this might happen, both are so wonderful that it can be difficult to choose, here are some of the tops tips:

Traditional Sheepskin Booties

  • Handcrafted from one piece in twin face Sheepskin
  • Full fluffy soft collar – can be unstitched so you can roll it up your ankles
  • Comes with a firm or soft sole
  • Traditional design, soft and supple keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer months

Indoor Slipper Boots

  • The taller boot style gives you maximum chance of keeping out the chills, especially with the beautifully soft sheepskin inside
  • Comes in Tan or Chocolate Brown
  • Has a toggle at the back to securely tighten the opening around your upper ankles.
  • Seamless unisex design perfect for any age

If you have any questions that we haven’t covered please don’t hesitate to let us know what else needs to be included!