Sheepland Ltd has joined Etsy

Sheepland Sheepskin Blog 07

Sheepland Ltd has joined to sell our unique handmade products. Etsy is a specialised online site selling marketplace; it is ‘a world of vintage and handmade goods’.

Our uniqueness at Sheepland is that we have products handcrafted in our Somerset workshop, and have been since 1989. We are still a family run workshop and we will keep creating our beautiful slippers and sheepskin accessories. Etsy is a great way for us to sell our products to different people and reaching a wider audience and for customers to find a unique present or just a treat for themselves. Etsy’s mission is ‘to reimagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world’. Etsy is helping to empower small businesses and to help the build and expand but also to ‘create a better world through our platform, our members, our employees and the communities we serve’ .

Etsy value craftsmanship and here at Sheepland we have those skills, our seamstress here has worked here for over 17 years and we value her ingenuity. We have the uniqueness that sets us out as a brilliant company and we will support Etsy and this new endeavour we are undertaking.